Wolfgirl is a community-driven token on the BSC blockchain that aims to not only provide its users with several use-cases such as buying AI-generated NFTs, an NFT Market & a dedicated Auction Place, but also actively reward holders with regular BNB rewards.

We have also implemented a brand new “price floor” system which, combined with the steady deflation of the supply, ensures true price appreciation for every member of the Pack!

Contract: 0x819a27c0D14a1D7e05D4E31a4778a0662dB5Cb00

Join the Pack!

Thanks to years of breakthroughs in the AI field, we now have the technology to create your very own Wolfgirl! You can easily join the pack through our App by buying one (or several!) AI generated Wolfgirls, which you can then directly mint as an NFT to claim as your own!

All the proceeds from the generation and minting goes toward the Pack, either directly burned or stashed in the Den.

Your Very Own Wolfgirl
Marketplace and Auction

Trade With the Pack!

Once the pack has sufficiently grown, we’ll also offer a Marketplace and Auction rooms to buy and sell not only your AI generated NFTs, but also Original Wolfgirls from myriad artists. Aside from the standard fees of the token, all of the proceeds will go to the seller of the NFT, and the only fee for listing is if you mint a new NFT on our system.

Hunt With the Pack!

In order to grow, our beloved Wolfgirls know that they need to provide sustenance to the Pack. On every transaction, 12% is taxed. ⅓ of that (4% of the transaction) is directly burned, and ⅔ (8% of the transaction) is brought back to the Den.

Every time 0.01% of the total supply is within the Den, anyone can trigger a Hunt, which sells all of the tokens inside the Den, and stores the BNB it receives. The instigator of the Hunt receives a prize as well in the form of supplementary tokens.

Every time 0.5% of the total supply has been burned, the Spoils are available. Spoils are equal to the total BNB stored, and everyone can claim their share of the Spoils once, proportional to the amount of token you own. This ensures that each Spoils is greater than the previous one, thus rewarding long term holders.

BNB Vault
Price Floor

Be Safe With the Pack!

Wolfgirls are not only good hunters, they are also really good at defending one another! Wolfgirl contains a “price floor” mechanism that doubles the tax if selling below a certain price. Initially, this price floor will be equal to the presale offer price, and then gradually increase by a small amount periodically. This, combined with the constant burn of tokens, ensures that the value of Wolfgirl never depreciates, keeping your investment safe and sound!


Get your very own Wolfgirl!


Q4 2021

  • Presale
  • Launch on Pancake Swap
  • CoinGecko and CMC listings
  • Marketing phase 2
  • Community building

Q1 2022

  • Dapp improvements
  • NFT marketplace & auctions
  • Artists collabs

Q2 2022

  • New collections
  • NFT-based game
  • Import of Wolfgirl NFTs to other NFT marketplaces

Q3-Q4 2022

  • CEX listings

What is the “Den”?

The Den is a secondary contract that stores 8% of each transaction. As soon as it reach 100,000 Wolfgirls stored, anyone can trigger a “Hunt” to convert those into BNB.

What is a “Hunt”?

A Hunt is the event that triggers the conversion of the Wolfgirls stored in the Den to BNB, in order to feed the BNB vault. A Hunt is ALWAYS manually triggered via the app, and it’s the only event that leads to a sell of the tokens outside of regular wallets.

What are the “Spoils”?

The Spoils are the shares of the BNB vault that are unlocked for each burn cycle (0.5% of total supply burned). They are always equal to the BNB in the vault at the start of each new cycle. Once the Spoils are unlocked, everyone can claim their share via the app.

I can't buy or sell on Pancake Swap!

You need to set your slippage at 13% minimum, as there’s a 12% tax on each buy and sell.

Token Distribution

  • 25% Pancake Swap
  • 35% Presale
  • 15% Community events
  • 15% Private sale
  • 5% Marketing wallet
  • 5% Team wallet

Initial Supply

1 000 000 000


12% total tax:
  • 4% burned
  • 8% to the Den (BNB rewards)